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Hey lovelies!  Today I want to talk about teeth-yo grill. I don't know about you, but I always strive to have the brightest smile I can have. Being an avid coffee and tea drinker, I know I am continuously staining my teeth, forever prolonging my goal of having super pearly whites. Recently, a company reached out to me, offering to let me try their teeth whitening kit. I said yes, because duh! I wanted whiter teeth-but what made me so eager to try the product was the fact that it was so custom!

What it is: Smile Brilliant offers the service of creating custom fitted trays-your exact impressions-so you can whiten your teeth comfortably and with assurance that the whitening gel is actually coming into contact with each tooth/crack/crevice. 
1) Big difference here compared to the use of teeth whitening strips. From personal experience, I know how annoying a whitening strip can be and how inconsistent my results can be. A custom tray is a great thing to have if you are interested in whitening your teeth.

Tray Creation: The tray creation is soooo easy! At first, I really thought it would be a pain to have to "create" my own trays-totally wrong. The process literally took less than five minutes.
In this step of the kit, you will take the "base" and the "catalyst" paste and mix them together by squeezing each into each other, until you get a solid blue color of paste. Once this occurs, you can put the mix into the tray (that will create your mold). After this, you just put the tray into your mouth and bite down! Once all of this is done and your mold has had a chance to dry a bit, you send off your molds in a pre-paid envelope that Smile Brilliant provides and within days, your custom trays will be created and sent back to you! If this seems a bit confusing, just watch the short video below!

The whitening process: Once I received my trays (it took less than a week) I went forward with the process-actually whitening my teeth! I took a syringe of the gel and put a thin strip on the top and bottom tray. The amount I used was less than a fourth of the syringe (for the top and bottom combined). The whitening gel is peroxide based; "carbamide peroxide" to be exact. Smile Brilliant states it is, "22% Hi-Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel" with "no fillers or mixed blends designed to achieve the safest, fastest, most dramatic professional results in the least amount of days with the least amount of maintenance". Do I agree with this? Oh yes! It was explained to me that people often misunderstand whitening products. Smile Brilliant removes stains and restores your teeth to their natural color; in short, they become the brightest level of white that they can be. For me, I used the whitening gel and trays 4 times (2 hours the first time, 1 hour of wear for the other times) before I decided I was happy with my level of "white". I honestly think that if I used them 1 or 2 more times, my teeth could have been even brighter, but I was happy with the level I achieved and decided to just do monthly or bi-monthly maintenance uses. As for the fit of the trays, they were perfect! They didn't pinch my gums, rub up against them, or fit me weird. I don't know why the perfect fit surprised me so much, especially because I helped to create my own mold!

My top tray after it was created!
 Bottom tray and one of the syringes of the whitening gel.

De-sensitizing process: In my kit, I received the desensitizing gel that is to be used in the trays (on your teeth) right after whitening. The length of time you use the gel depends on your preference, but I used it from 10 minutes to 30 minutes (depending on how much free time I had that day). I used less than a fourth of the syringe for both a top and bottom tray application. According to the Smile Brilliant website, the desensitizing gel "temporarily seals micro-fractures and pores in your tooth's enamel. This eliminates the opportunity for teeth whitening gel to penetrate into the more sensitive dentin beneath your enamel". That explanation was pretty helpful to me and also helped present the importance of the gel for those with sensitive teeth. 

My results: The results I achieved were attained with 4 uses. Like I said, I was pretty happy with my teeth color after the fourth use, so I decided not to do another treatment for the time being. When it comes to sensitivity, I did find the whitening gel to cause a bit of sensitivity around my gum line the first time I used the gel. I expected this, because similar irritation has occurred with whitening strips. However, my second use I was more cautious, and I wiped the excess gel off my gums (that had been pushed out of the tray). Doing so really decreased my sensitivity, and I didn't find it to be a problem.

Before & After (4 uses)

Overall: I absolutely love this product. From the process of making your own trays, to the ease of application, I highly recommend this. For any one out there that would like to have professional results at home (for a fraction of what you would pay in the office) I would strongly suggest trying out Smile Brilliant! If you would like more information on the products, I will leave links below. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be sure to get back to you!

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