Makeup Talk: Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

It's no secret that I love love love it. However, I always go through phases where I become super conscious of what I am putting on my skin. I have never been one to hate on drugstore beauty products, but I do like higher-end products when I can afford them, and when the ingredients make up for the price. The past few years I have wanted to use more natural products, and I have experimented with a few different brands-but just can't settle on one I love, so I go back to the products that may not have the "safest" ingredients, according to websites, news story's, etc. With all that being said, I think its about time that I get back into incorporating the mineral products I have been searching for these past few years! This is where experimentation comes in, and today, I want to talk about Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup*. In the hopes of keeping this post short, as I know I like to ramble most of the time, I will sum it up here for those that don't want to read into this post: in terms of wearing time, texture, and oil control, I do recommend this product highly, and over Bare Minerals. In terms of comparing this brand to the two other brands I have recently reviewed (here and here), I would say that Monave and Purely Cosmetics are basically tied (although Purely Cosmetics is less "heavy" feeling on the skin than Monave), and then the Everyday Minerals Brand comes after.

For a more in depth review [and pictures] read on!

Since I have previously included pictures with no makeup on (before any foundation), I decided not to include them this time. You can see those pictures in the previous posts listed above. My main concern when looking for foundation is to cover any redness, even out skin tone, and control oil. My skin tone and texture isn't too bad (thankfully), so oil control is definitely the biggest concern! Below is a shot of me wearing the foundation.

It definitely covers what I need it to, and wears well throughout the day. I have been working 6 days a week as a waitress, and even through all the sweating and running around, it is still on me after a long shift! I do wear a primer with it, as I wear a primer with any foundation I wear! I would say that after about 5-6 hours, I start to see a little shine coming through. I haven't noticed any breakouts or skin issues since using it, and I really feel good about having it on my skin. I apply this foundation with a dense Kabuki brush, using swirling motions (as I would all my other mineral foundations!) The color I have been using is "Olive Beige".

With my samples, I recieved a blush, three eyeshadows, two bronzers, and 3 different shades of the foundation. Below are swatches of all of these samples!

 L to R: Pearlescent Blush in "Blushing". Eyeshadows in "Cappuccino", "Emerald", and "Soft Moon". (How gorgeous are these?!)

L to R: Bronzers in "Deeply Bronzed" and "Lightly Bronzed". Both are swatched lightly, and then with more product.

Adorable sample sizes!

Foundation swatches, L to R: "Maria", "Neutral Medium", and "Olive Beige". As you can see, these are swatched on the inside of my arm, which tends to be a little lighter than the rest of my body. I think that on my face, "Olive Beige" is a pretty good match! The "Neutral Medium" shade is just a bit too pink for me, and "Maria" is a tad too light.

 Foundation ingredients.

Here is a good picture of the blush on my skin-it looks so nice when light hits it!

 Now that I have talked about all the colorful samples I received, I want to tell you about three other items that came in the package! One is the Silk and Pearl Powder Primer. It is exactly what it states-and it makes your skin feel so smooth, while helping the foundation to apply even easier. I have always been one to use my liquidy/gel primers, but this product is really interesting, and it does its job well! Next, I received what is called Oil Absorb. Uhm, yes. Yes you absorb. You are the center of my makeup universe currently. I am trying so hard to ration this out-it is that good. You all know I have super oily skin (I always complain talk about it in makeup posts) that just doesn't want to be controlled, so to find something like this? Heaven. I have been applying it before using just about any foundation lately, and find that my skin does not stay as oil-free when I skip it! Lastly, I was sent the Diamond Perfect Finish Powder. I won't lie-I didn't use this as often as everything else. I am so in love with my Mac Blot Powder that it was just plain hard to use any other finishing powder. However, the times I did use it, I felt that it was finely milled, and left my skin feeling soft, and seemed to make me look a bit airbrushed? (That is good, right?)

To wrap it up, again, I recommend this line of makeup! If you are looking up for a mineral makeup especially, I think this is a good choice! It works for oily skin, but I think those with dry or combination skin could like it, if they moisturize first-also, it isn't a completely matte finish, so it shouldn't look cakey on dry skin! I encourage you to read up on any and all makeup you wish to purchase; it definitely makes a big difference when buying products! A lot of information regarding products I mentioned can be found on the company's website, which can teach you a lot more in depth about each thing I was sent :)

*These products were sent to me for consideration. I did not get compensated for this post, and have tried out this brand for over 3 months now! All thoughts are my own and honest! 

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Thanks for reading!
XO, Kelsey