Good Thing This Is NOT My Job! ;)

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or any sort of holiday you celebrated!) I have been having a really nice time being on Christmas break from college, and am not ready to go back on January 7th... nursing school, why must you stress me out so much?! I titled my post the way I did because, let's face it, if this was my real job, I would be a complete failure! Such irregular posting! I do blame it on being home though! Between visiting my mom, grandparents, dad & stepmom (and staying at their houses) I have been pretty busy! I figure that since I still read and comment on my favorite blogs everyday, I am not doing too bad! I have many ideas in the works for posts in the near future, so if you are an avid reader and enjoy my blog, then just hang in there and you'll finally get to see something worthwhile ;) 

I wanted to ask how everyone's holiday that they celebrated went!? I love seeing all the Christmas posts, so if you have one, please link it below in the comments so I can take a look!  I had a really great Christmas this year, and saw a lot of family which is always good. I have an outfit post being worked on right now featuring one of the gifts I received for Christmas, so keep an eye out! 

Now that Christmas is over, and the New Year is coming up, what are you looking forward to? Any awesome plans or celebrations for you?

Xo, Kelsey

Giveaway Time!

It's giving season! I am so excited to have teamed up with some amazing girls for my first giveaway! A big thank you to Kaitlin for putting all of this together!

Check out the list below to see what each blogger is giving away!

1. Kaitlin from Kaitlin Leigh - A Starbucks Glitter Tumbler
2. Brandi from Brooklyn State of Mind- $15 Target gift card & a Holiday Glam Surprise
3. Melissa from Grin & Barrett- $25 Starbucks gift card
4. Meg from You're Meaghan Me Crazy- Crocheted Infinity Scarf
5. Haley Brianna from The Ink & Anchor- Ad Space
6. Crystal Taylor from Billie Jean- $15 Anthropologie gift card
7. Kelsey E. from Stories of Kel- 1 Premiere Ad Space
8. PipLey Vintage- 30% off all store items include sale items
9. Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife- ELF Eyeshadow Palette
10. Kelsey G. from Beauty without Limits- 1 Month Ad Space
11. Amy from Not Your Average Baby Blog- 1 Month Ad Space
12. Abbey from The Makings of a Mess- Ad Space
13. Brittany from The Domestic Geek- Ad Space
14. Jessica from Sew Do Something- $20 Gift Certificate to her shop
15. Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries- 2 Month Ad Space
16. Sarah from Scissors and a Whisk- Frost Bitten, Twice Shy Nail polish Set

Good Luck!!

Studying Update

I am alive. Barely. I just thought I would say HAI guyz because looking at any more pathophysiology will probably make my brain burst. Buuuuuut, since that exam is tomorrow, I guess I better go! :) Wish me luck on my last final! 

Xo, Kelsey
P.S-Leave some of your newest blog posts in a link below, so I can catch up when I am done with everything!

Leopard Print-Outfit :)

Remember how I said I wouldn't be able to post until next Saturday? Well-blogging got the best of me, and then there's the fact that I have about three different outfits to post pictures for! I can't help but want to do anything besides studying...which leads us to:

 Jeans: American Eagle//Flats:Journeys
//Cardigan & Tank Top: Wetseal//Belt: Forever21

There you have it. Being bloggy productive and not so much college productive. Also, for your laughing pleasure, I have some pictures that show just how hard it was to take these photos, on SUCH a windy day (oh, and the whole problem with me not being able to take a decent photo without a ton of effort!):

But was windy.


Oh, Just Neglect Me...

Said my blog! By December 15th I will definitely be over-running this blog with this, that, and who knows what! What is December 15th you ask? It is the day after my last final, a Saturday, and the official start to my Christmas break from classes.
 Can we all do a collective "ahhhh". I do not like exams- I do not like to sit and be under pressure taking an exam. I would much rather be applying the skills. I wish that is how it worked..instead I will be studying probably more than 500 slides of powerpoints just for Pathophysiology, and who knows how many for my nursing Fundamentals class, and Genetics. Enough of my rant. My point with this post, is that I may not be posting anything of substance until my break (all this studying is making me sound smart...hahaha), but I will be reading all of YOUR blogs and comments :) I mean, the best part of waking up, is... Folgers in my cup AND reading all the new posts in the morning! Getting up early for classes is a lot less annoying when you have blog posts to read! Look for new posts starting next Saturday :D

Oh well thank you Ryan Gosling! I believe in you too, you know, with anything you do ;)


Beauty & Fashion Wishlist

Hey lovelies! I wanted to put together my "beauty & fashion wishlists" for this upcoming Christmas! I am fairly certain I won't be receiving any of these items as gifts, since I am pretty sure no one that would be buying me gifts reads this, so I am not using this as a virtual "buy me this" list haha.  I still thought it would be fun to show what I am interested in right now, and for YOU to tell me whats on your list!

Can we safely say that I must like blush and value sets? haha

On to the fashion/accessories list :)
I realize this is a bit crowded-oops. I can't help that I like it all so much! I am in love with those jeans from American Eagle. Why you ask? Because I have absolutely no light colored jeans anymore, and I should probably invest in a pair since I have so many dark colored tops, that don't look too hot with my dark denim! I am also loving that cross bracelet from GlamourMeJewels (on Etsy). It seems so perfect. *Side note-if you get on Etsy, expect to be on there for hours. I am not kidding, you are like a kid in a candy shop! So much stuff on there! I am not complaining though :)

Let me know what's on your list!
Xo, Kelsey