It's February!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hey blog world! If you for some reason didn't's February 1st! YAY! I wanted to say hello to everyone, and get some links to new blog posts if you have some :) I would love to catch up on new posts I may have missed, or maybe you are new and stopping by! So just leave me your link below if you have one! I have two exciting posts planned for the near future-one of which is already in the works, it's just a matter of organizing it and making it presentable and not a jumbled mess. That post would be.... my everyday makeup routine! Nothing fancy, but pretty low key and easy to do! The other post will be coming up in the next few weeks (I hope) and it's a giveaway. My own first giveaway! I think it's something you won't want to miss! I would love to get the makeup post up tonight, but let's be honest...after having a 7.5 hour long class (with literally less than 2 or 3 five minute breaks) I just don't have the energy to get the post up tonight, plus, I have other studying and nursing reading to do! Sorry :/ I am always here with excuses, huh? haha. Thanks for sticking around lovelies! I will leave you with a really pretty picture of the sky I took recently... Because you can't be mad at me if I give you something pretty to look at, right? :)

You might have already saw this on my instagram already if you follow me; if not you can follow me at: kelseylenayy

XO, Kelsey
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