It's Okay Thursday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today, I will link up and do my first "It's Okay Thursday"! Yay! On top of that excitement, it is also the one year anniversary for this link-up! So it's okay...

Its Ok Thursdays

...that I am at my grandma's, with the air conditioner on, and I am still sweating.

...that my arms feel like they are going to fall off from my bicep workout last night.

...that those said arms will be lifting trays all night at work when I waitress!

...that I didn't wash my hair today-skipping washes is good for your hair & scalp!

...that my hair is in a ponytail, on top of my head, and I look like a pineapple.

...that I had to suffer through a week of my boy being in Cancun, while I got to stay in good 'ol Ohio (alright- it's not okay! So jealous!)

...that I didn't post this earlier in the day.

...that I work 6 out of 7 days this upcoming week- moniessssssss YAY!

...that I have too much makeup, body, and hair products; I am trying to use up as much as I can before I buy anything else!

...that my apartment that I am moving into on August 18th isn't finished being built. It WILL be done on time though (I hope).

...that I may be terrible at blogging.

...that I took a bunch of photos on photo booth earlier today, and most were goofy. & I just took 2 more now. For you. Ready, set, LAUGH!

Such attractive faces righhttt.

Well that is all for my first "It's Okay Thursday"! Hope it wasn't too bad! I may or may not do a photo booth post later tonight with all my goofy pics, or maybe a few. How does that sound? Annoying? Or good idea? Haha, lemme know! Time to go to work : I
xo, Kels

How To: Makeup Tips & Tricks For [Eyes]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hai, Hey, Hola.
So I decided I wanted to start a How To series. I have tons up my sleeve for this one, the possibilities are endless. You may think: "You have a beauty blog-isn't the whole point to tell us 'How To' anyways?" Well, uh yeah. That was the idea when I started out. Butttttt, it is funny how since it is your blog and you can do what you want, your interests shift. Whoops. So lately I have been doing a lot of fashion posts, random post, and less beauty. Yep, I'm terrible. But moving on, I hope you all like these little series, and like I said, it can be endless! So if you want to put in a request for a specific topic, lemme know! I plan on doing about 5 pieces of info per post, but will also be repeating topics if I find more stuff that appeal to me! Here we gooooo.

#1 Want to open up those tired eyes? Or make your eyes look bigger?-Use a white or skin tone color (if you feel white is too bold to wear) eyeliner on your waterline. You should always use a patient, steady hand when doing anything around your eye area. I would like to see no one with a gauged out eye! With the skin tone color, you will see a difference still! It will take away the pink tone your waterline has and still brighten your eyes and make them appear larger. Another way to brighten up those eyes are to put a little bit of white, or lighter color eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. 
This shows a white rimmed waterline. It isn't too overly obnoxious as some white eyeliners can be. 

 This is too bold for me. I would say the flesh colored eyeliner would have better suited this person.

The inner corner is just bright enough with the light color. It definitely brings light to the face! You can see she also is wearing a very light colored eyeliner here. 

#2 Make your eyelashes appear fuller-by tight lining! This involves the area right here:
Again, this takes a steady hand. This makes your eyelashes appear fuller because the base of your lashes are growing in right there! It is super simple to do this, and if you feel your liner wont stay on, use a gel eyeliner or a waterproof one!
This makes such a difference! This image was taken from here.

#3 Eyeliner smudging? Double up ladies. Apply your normal pencil or liquid OR cream eyeliner, then apply an eyeshadow in a similar shade over it to set it! Want it to last EVEN longer? Dip the brush you are using to apply the eyeshadow (for the setting purposes) in visine! Then, apply it over the eyeliner. Stays for ev.

#4 Be gently to that pretty face-more specifically, to the eye area! When applying any concealer, eye cream, eye product (etc.) it is said to be best to use your ring finger to PAT and not tug the under eye. This is because your ring finger supposedly gives the least amount of pressure out of all your other fingers!

#5 Make your eyeshadow stay on longer! For this, I have a few tips. If you use a moisturizer or eye cream, let it all completely soak in. Excess oil or moisture from it could cause a faster meltdown of your shadow! Not sure everything is soaked in? Use a tissue and gently pat your eye area to absorb anything excess. Next, use a concealer or an eyeshadow primer to give your eyeshadow a good base to stick to. For the actual eyeshadow, I feel it is best to pat on and pack on the color! I usually swipe the color across my lids a few times, and then basically set the eyeshadow with itself! I'll just lightly pat some more color on to my eyelids. Lastly, if you feel it is necessary and you have a makeup setting spray on hand, you can sprits your face (and eyes) with the spray. Do this from a distance, at least half an arm length, so you don't concentrate too much liquid on all your hard work! Definitely do the setting spray before applying any mascara, so your mascara does run!

That's it lovelies! I hope you like the series I am starting up, and that some of this is new information to you! Let me know what you think!
xo, kels

Flowers & Purple

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outfit post time! Here is what I wore a little while back (such a slow post maker I am!) It was very casual, and as you can tell, I stuck with the boring 'ol flip flops that I ALWAYS wear! I am just not one to wear wedges or dressy, girly shoes on a regular basis. Here are the pictures my cousin Kyleigh took! Thanks Kyleigh : )

What I wore:

Showing off the cute design on the otherwise boring shoes : ) Nail polish color is "Dreamer" by Revlon, also holding Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in "Charm".

Where it's from:
Purple tank top: American Eagle. Shorts Brand: Almost Famous. Flip Flops: Old Navy. Belt: No idea! Sorry!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and sorry for the lack of posts lately! I will have some hopefully entertaining posts coming up shortly!
xo, kels
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