Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation Review!

Hey there! So I have been using the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation for about three weeks now... if any of you are Youtube lovers like I am, then you probably have saw many "beauty gurus" rave about this foundation!

For the longest time, I didn't think I would buy it-I mean I have what seems like a million and one foundations, so why buy another? That thought didn't stick though, because I ended up buying it! What the product promises/states:
"Finally, truly decadent makeup offers ultimate performance. The mousse-like texture feels like silk on your skin. And, the time release formula balances skin for a flawless look. All day flexible wear without flaking, caking or feeling heavy."
Shade wise, I am honestly not sure how many the line carries, especially because it seems Target carries less shades than Walmart, so I can't comment on their range of shades. I found a pretty close color match (to my almost normal skin tone, no self tanner), but since I do use self tanner, and picked a shade a bit too light for that, I use some bronzer with this. Also, I have pretty oily skin. With that being said, let's break it doooooown!

  • Your face will look flawless-even when using a light hand, I felt that this really helped to make your face look airbrushed. I am not saying if you have acne or scars that it will completely make them go away, but the finish it leaves just helps to diffuse imperfections and make them less noticeable!
  • It does a nice job at keeping oil away. I would say on my busy days, running around from lecture to lecture (for nursing) and doing whatever is on my agenda for that day, it keeps oil away for about 5 hours. For my skin, that is amazing! On my less busy days, I have gone probably 8-9 hours without blotting the oil (and I could probably go longer, if I wasn't washing my makeup off after that many hours!) 
  • It looks better as the day goes on! Did I just say that? YES! It melts into your skin and within hours it looks even better than when you first applied it. Don't believe me? Look up all the YouTube reviews for it, I believe many girls will be saying the same! [Photo proof above-a few minutes after application]

[6.5 hours after applying it, no touch ups-I love the way it melts into your skin and just seems more natural, while NOT being oily]. 
  • It doesn't feel heavy on your skin. It's texture is really unlike any other liquid/cream/mousse foundation I have ever used, and you would think that it would feel like a mask, but it feels pretty light!
  • I actually prefer it over most of my high-end foundations (shocker!)
  • It photographs very well, because it has no SPF in it (SPF causes a white cast in photos when flash is used)
  Trusty Iphone picture-no flash.
Real camera, with flash.
  • Last pro is that it does seem to last all day. Now, I never sleep in my makeup. I don't remember the last time I did, until this past weekend : ( I fell asleep with it on after being out for Halloween parties. It still looked good at 2 the next day, when I finally washes it off. Sound good?
  • The price. For drugstore foundation, it is a bit pricey (I have seen it between $11 and $15 in different places)...but, I still think it is worth it!
  • The packaging-it looks really nice, and it is pretty sturdy, but if you were someone who wanted to take it with you to touch up with, it will be a little hefty in that already PACKED purse ladies : )
  • No SPF. This personally does not bother me, because I would be fine with using a moisturizer with SPF in it underneath it, if I really wanted it. But to some, this is something they look for in foundations.
  • It can be a bit difficult to apply. I think it applies best with your fingertips, or a densely packed kabuki brush of some sort. I don't really recommend sponges with it, unless you plan on slightly wetting it first!
***This product has NOT broken me out.

That is allllll I have to say about this! I know this post was entirely too long, and I hope you stuck around 'til the end, but I had a lot to say about it! What do you think? Will you (or did you) purchase this foundation?

XO, Kelsey

Pre Halloween Makeup!? & a Glimpse of my Everyday Eye Shadow!

Hey there! So this past Friday, I did a trial Halloween look on Eric. He wanted to get an idea of what it could look like, on Halloween, so I went ahead and did it! You all can tell me what you think : )

 I used liquid latex, brown shades of eyeshadow, a BH cosmetics blush palette, fake blood, and black eyeliner!

I also have been playing around with my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I did a super simple eye (because I really never do anything dramatic!)
 Slight wing on the outside!
 (iPhone shot!)
Blurry, but I like the way it turned out!

On my lips I was wearing Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Honey".
 For Mascara, I used Revlon Grow Luscious.
On my eyelids from the UD Naked 2 Palette: "Foxy" all over the eyelid. "Bootycall" as my highlight color on my brow bone, and all over my eyelid, on top of "Foxy".  "Half Baked" and "Chopper" mixed together, on the INNER and OUTER corners of my eyes. I wasn't going for anything dramatic, which is one reason why you can barely tell what I have on my eyes! (I know, whats the point? Sorry guys!) I did use "Blackout" with an angled eyeliner brush to thinly line my top lash line, and to wing out the corners a bit. 
If you actually like what I did, and would like a more in depth tutorial, comment below and let me know!

Finished hair & makeup, and out of my "lazy" clothes!

Xo, Kelsey

P.S-Is anyone going to any Halloween parties? What are you being for Halloween? Or, when do you think it is too old to dress up?

Sunday Social; Week 20!

1. What do you value most in life?
My family, my beliefs and morals, my friends, anddd a good education!

2. What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?
I would have to be really general here, sorry. I would say all the ever-changing medical equipment. I will be a nurse, and that equipment that is always evolving, or being invented, could help save someones life!

3. What do you think is the secret to a good life?
Believing in yourself, in others, and something more than this life. Being caring, thoughtful, and lending a hand to someone who is down. Love like there is no tomorrow. I believe in karma; so do something nice or generous not because you NEED to, but because you want to.
4. What would you most like to be remembered for when you're gone?
I would like to be remembered as the person who never gave up, and cared so much about others; I would definitely like to be remembered for my big heart.
5. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
Well I am currently in college to become a nurse, so I can't say graduating college just yet, but, I am proud of course to have graduated high school a few years ago with a great GPA, and I am proud that I actually got into my colleges Nursing program, because it is very, very competitive!

6. If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you?
Hmm...Well many many people have told me I look like  Alyson Hannigan. Sometimes I actually agree. Maybe not so much in pictures, because that's a second your face is frozen in time, but in day to day life, I definitely have some of the same mannerisms and facial quirks that she has. So, not only would she sort of look like me, but I think she has some quirks, and humor like me!

Link up everyone : )
XO, Kelsey

Falling Off Blogger-World & a Floral Dress!

Hey, remember me? Well, I still exist. I have felt really bad about not posting-no one makes me, but it's still nice to keep this baby going, right? I just haven't been feeling up to it, I have just been very upset, for personal reason. Maybe sometime I will post a little more about those reasons, but for now, I would just rather keep them to myself, but a little love from my lovely followers wouldn't hurt my feelings! Haha. I wanted to post this outfit post from lets say, the end of July (whoops). Yeah, better late than never! I might as well, since my brother so kindly took these pictures for me, and because I got the dress for a little less than $, I think it is fine to be late!
 Sorry for all the leg-oops!

 Because everyone looks a little better with a beam of sunlight blinding them.

Oh, hey there. 

Floral Dress: Forever 21//Sandals: "Classified" brand. 

I hope you all haven't given up on me, I really do still exist! I have been commenting like crazy on other blogs and all that, I just haven't been up to posting on my own!
Lots of luvz (haha)
Xo, Kelsey