Cheek Biting and Cozy Leggings {outfit}

Helllllllloooo! I made it past my two exams on Monday. Barely. When your professor asks everyone after they turn in their exam if it was the hardest, most ridiculous test you have ever taken, and everyone says yes (like more than 150 students!) then you know it was not a walk in the park.  Pulling off a C on it would make me proud, and I am not even ashamed! This is coming from an A+ student. I almost shed a tear during it hahaha. At some point this week I bit the inside of my cheek on the left side. Let me tell won't go away! Probably because it is swollen (so it is now in the way all the time) which causes me to accidentally bite it. Again, and again, and again. I know I probably did it while I was taking that monstrosity of an exam! Moving onnnnn though, because I don't want to think of how depressing that day was! I have a super casual outfit for you, something I would wear to class or something. Just so you know, that top is a teensy bit longer in the back, and does cover (mostly) my booty...posing around and stuff just makes it look a little less cute. Fail. The leggings are super thick though-not see through, and almost like jeggings! Plus the boots are back. Whoops. Next outfit post I WILL NOT wear them. Maybe. haha ; )

The rundown:
Top: Forever 21 // Leggings: Not sure (similar) // Brown tank: Hollister (old) // Boots: Macy's (Baretraps-not available anymore!) (similar) // Bracelet: Etsy, GlamourMeJewels (won it in a giveaway last summer!)

That's all for now:) Super simple, casual, and easy to throw on!

xo, Kelsey

Neon Coral Chiffon and THOSE BOOTS!

Well hello lovelies! It's about that time bust out my trusty boots. Please tell me if you are tired of seeing them. I caaaaan't help it! The only other high boots I own are these wedge ones! Which to me is not for every single day wear! If I am boring-tell me! At least I wore some jewelry this time, haha. By the way, I LOVE my sideways cross necklace. I have been looking for a smaller one though, something really dainty! Also, if you know of any cute shoes you want to point me in the direction of, I would be a happy camper (and maybe it would make these outfit posts a little bit more diverse. Maybe. No promises!) Like any shoes. Flats? Sure. Booties? Yes please. Heels? Maybe not just yet! Anyways... let's see, what have I been doing? Lots of studying for nursing, a little bit of tv watching (hello PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!) and possibly going to get frozen yogurt...two nights in a row...oops. This week is going to be a stressful one, so I don't think I will have any new posts up until around next Monday night/Tuesday. I have a pharmacology exam [need to know 77 drugs & specific info about them] and a nutrition exam, on the same day. If you want to take my spot for me on that day, I would love you forever hah! On to the posing...

Top: Forever 21  
 Gold Earrings: World Market (Gift from cousin!)
Boots:  Macy's (Baretraps)
 Sideways Cross Necklace: Forever21 (similar)

What is your favorite clothing item? On a scale of "I guess I will wear this" to "wearing-it-everyday-like-Kelsey-does", tell me what your fave item is!

Xo, Kelsey

Minted-A New Favorite: Outfit Post!

Hey beauties! I am back once more with another outfit post-is this getting annoying?! Or do you like seeing outfits?I love linking up with Style Elixir for the Style Sessions-so here we go again! First, I want to tell you a little about this outfit, rather, the shirt! I received it, and the plaid shirt in this post, from Haute Juncture. I am more than happy with the quality, customer service and SPEED in which I got these items! Not to mention, they are pretty adorable. I got to know a little more about Haute Juncture thanks to the sweet Jenny, and I thought it was interesting so I wanted to share!
"The company was started about 3 years ago.  Jane, (my sister) had been working in the LA fashion district where getting a start is very difficult.  Long story short, Jane began building friendships with local unknown designers in Los Angeles who began sharing their sample pieces with Jane.  Starting Haute Juncture was a way to share the great talents of our local designers! We actually began selling sample pieces in the living room of our apartment!  :) We support smaller designers and advocate for fair treatment of garment workers in LA.  It's only been 3 years, but we have been growing ever since." -Jenny
 What's not to love about their products? I genuinely recommend shopping from their boutique! You won't regret it :) Now on to what I wore this past weekend when visiting family!

 Top: c/o Haute Juncture // Leggings: Forever 21 // Boots: (My moms-thanks mom!) Lower East Side (Payless) (similar) // Mint tank top: Forever 21

I plan on having many more outfit posts, so I hope you all stick around!

Xo, Kelsey

GlamourMeJewels Giveaway!

Hey everyone! In the spirit of Valentines Day, I wanted to do a giveaway! Now some of you may have awesome plans on V-day, but this girl doesn't...but it warms my heart knowing I have all of you out there being lovely followers! So in return (and with the help of GlamourMeJewels) I am doing a Valentines Day inspired Giveaway! I was lucky enough to receive the LIMITED EDITION Val Bracelet-and you get one too! Isn't it the cutest?

I came across GlamourMeJewels months ago, when I won a bracelet in a giveaway. We can all thank Emily for making me fall in love with the pieces (she was the one hosting the giveaway!) I now follow GlamourMeJewels on instagram, and the pictures of all the jewelry seriously makes me drool. Such a girly-girl! If instagram drags you in, just head over to the etsy shop and take a look around ;) Anyways, I just love the piece I received, and whoever wins the limited edition piece will for sure love it too! Feel free to like the GlamourMeJewels Facebook page here!

HOW can I win!?
1. Simply be a follower of this blog, via GFC (required).
2. Complete additional options for more entries!
3. Be sure to leave an email address in the comments; if you win that is how I will contact you!
*The giveaway will run until [almost] next Tuesday, closing at 11:59 P.M on Monday night.


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Congratulations Allison! I will be in touch with you through email and tweeting! Winner has 48 hours to respond :) I hope you like it! 

In"vested" in Plaid; What I Wore!

Hey there! Remember when I said I had some posts coming? Well they are just sitting, waited to be posted...but that's okay, right? Until then, see what I wore to class today! It's kiiiiiind of cold, which means inside pictures for me today! Not to mention, I had no one to take them for me, so it was a one-woman job! I hope it turned out okay!

Vest: Maurices (similar) // Shirt: c/o Haute Juncture // Jeans: Blues Society // Boots: Madden Girl "Umpiree"

It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Hopefully these pictures will do! I just wish you could have saw the outfit in person; I thought it was pretty cute for casual wear-and let's face it, posing alone and having your camera set on a timer isn't easy! So go easy on me if you think my poses are awkward or something, hah! 
So about class today...
Can you see the joy in my eyes? No? That would be because it was 3 hours long...which I totally get! It's a part of college! Buuuuuuut that still doesn't make me want to be in there for that long! I can honestly say that my 3 hour class on Tuesdays feels like it lasts longer than my 6 hour class (with a 30 minute break!) on Fridays. No joke. You win some, you lose some. On a happy note though, Pretty Little Liars was just on! Any one else out there PLL fans? Let me know :)

Xo, Kelsey

It's February!

Hey blog world! If you for some reason didn't's February 1st! YAY! I wanted to say hello to everyone, and get some links to new blog posts if you have some :) I would love to catch up on new posts I may have missed, or maybe you are new and stopping by! So just leave me your link below if you have one! I have two exciting posts planned for the near future-one of which is already in the works, it's just a matter of organizing it and making it presentable and not a jumbled mess. That post would be.... my everyday makeup routine! Nothing fancy, but pretty low key and easy to do! The other post will be coming up in the next few weeks (I hope) and it's a giveaway. My own first giveaway! I think it's something you won't want to miss! I would love to get the makeup post up tonight, but let's be honest...after having a 7.5 hour long class (with literally less than 2 or 3 five minute breaks) I just don't have the energy to get the post up tonight, plus, I have other studying and nursing reading to do! Sorry :/ I am always here with excuses, huh? haha. Thanks for sticking around lovelies! I will leave you with a really pretty picture of the sky I took recently... Because you can't be mad at me if I give you something pretty to look at, right? :)

You might have already saw this on my instagram already if you follow me; if not you can follow me at: kelseylenayy

XO, Kelsey