Sequins, Brights, and Stripes, Oh MY!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You know how you have those days where you want to be a bum all day, wear comfy clothes, and not do anything? Well, I had one of those days. I needed to run a few errands, so I wanted to at least look presentable. Lucky for me, I have some extremely comfy options to give my sweatpants or yogas (which I am wearing 3 days out of the week anyways!) a break, and they just so happen to be gracing my blog today!
 photo jacketgo_zps7e1bd0d8.jpg
My faux leather jacket that I am in love with! Much needed for when it gets a little breezy! (Similar).
 photo standgo1_zps9e6dd771.jpg

 photo brightsandgold_zps2aeea304.jpg
A little bit of stripes, gold, and color never hurt anybody.
 photo braceletgo_zps1c45b3eb.jpg

 photo shoesgo_zps50cd8957.jpg

 photo DSC_0198-2_zpsc502099f.jpg
Outfit details: Top: Daytrip Cold Shoulder (Buckle) // Pants: Kohls Celebrity Blues (similar) // Skinny Gold Bangles: Forever 21 (similar) // Gold Sequin Flats: (similar)

 Be sure to check out Jessica's blog and link-up, which I took over to host yesterday because she is out of town! You can find that post here-and you'll learn a little more about my style and why I chose this outfit! Thanks for reading!

XO, Kelsey

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The Crazy Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, April 29, 2013

Or lack thereof. Hey thereeeee! This past weekend wasn't anything special...but I kind of like it that way. I like big, exciting weekends sprinkled here and there-but a nice lazy/relaxed weekend is also a luxury around here! I "moved" back to my hometown this past Thursday, and plan to stay here until classes start up again in August. I still have my apartment in Cincinnati, but because I have two jobs lined up at home, I think it is best to just be here. That doesn't mean that I won't be driving back to my apartment every now and then to clean and hang out with friends there! If there is one thing I have learned since having my own apartment it is that no matter how independent you felt before you had your own place, you are going to feel a lot more independent once you settle in. Now that I am back at my moms house for the time being, I just feel weird. Anyone else with me? So bringing a few things to my hometown and unpacking was a majority of my weekend. On Saturday, I did a bit of picture takin'. Now, in no way do I think I am a pro, or even semi-pro...but if I have the time and a good camera to take some pictures for fun, why not? I did some pictures for my sister and her fiance, and even though it's nothing professional, I still got a text from my sister saying:
That made me smile. A lot. Here are a couple pictures from that day :)
Not yet edited.
Why I am glad we took a few hours to do pictures. This. Right here. No pressure, just having fun and being around each other! This was after my niece stepped in goose poop. Yep, goose poop. She wasn't even that mad! haha. Obviously it was better for all of us to laugh before we helped her clean it off ;) She also ditched her button up shirt...typical 7 year old!
So in love with this. Ilauna and her mommy. To me it just shows so much love! Ilauna and her mom were just talking and it started getting a little breezy, and she just reached up and did that...and then my heart just melted.

I have so many others, but here are just a few of my totally amateur shots! After I took the pictures, I edited for awhile, and eventually I went to bed to get some sleep for.... Sunday. Back to work time! I started back at the restaurant I have worked at for years, and I also decided to take a second job! I will be enrolled in an online class this summer as well, so I might just be little miss busy over here, but I know I will still be making time for this blog! I can't say my weekend was too eventful, but I definetely still had fun! As much as I talk about weather on here, I am sure you know I will be enjoying this warmer weather Ohio is getting! Make sure to link up with Sami so I can read about your weekend too!

Thanks for reading,
XO, Kelsey

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