Origami Owl Necklace and Coral Goodness

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coral goodness? Yep. Only thing I could come up with! While this isn't the most glamorous outfit, and I will never be a "cool" super fashionable blogger, this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. Something comfortable, halfway cute, and possibly matching (on my good days! haha) This is my style, and I hope that I can be "cool" enough for a few people out there! I just wanted to say that, because I really enjoy putting up outfit posts, and plan on doing more, but I know they aren't up to par with all those other ladies out there! (Hey, I am just a nursing student-no fancy things to dress up for!) Anyways, this is what I wore this past Friday, visiting my family! We can thank my awesome brother for his picture taking skills and my indoor photos-again, this is the amateur in me hah! I did a weekend recap here, so I won't elaborate on what I wore this for! 

Shoes: OLD! Not sure what brand- (similar & affordable).
Sweater: Forever 21-no longer listed (similar).

 Earrings: Forever 21, no longer available (similar) but I want these!

Necklace designed and purchased by me, through Origami Owl Custom Jewelry (Facebook Page here)... More on this soon-I will be doing a giveaway! Stay tuned! Silver bracelet is from Forever 21 (similar). * If you would like to make an order with the links I have provided, the full name of the independent designer is Cassandra King. She is a trusted friend that I have known for 4 years, and will provide awesome customer service!

That's it for the outfit... I am going to finish my night with some youtube videos and blog browsing, while we get a snow storm (I think). It's too bad if the University closes tomorrow, considering I don't have classes tomorrow anyways. Wah-wah. Leave me your links below for new posts to read, especially if you are new to my blog!

Xo, Kelsey

A Great Weekend-food, wedding dresses, and squid?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey everyone! I had such a good weekend visiting my hometown and family and figured I could share my excitement with you! First off, I went to the hair salon and got my hair fixed (fo' free) because a few weeks ago I had some caramel highlights added, but at my roots they turned a crazy bright blonde! So we toned that beast down. I really love it..it's subtle but noticeable enough for me!

Sorry for the terrible pictures haha

The super exciting part of my weekend was that I went dress shopping for my sisters wedding (I am the maid of honor)! She found a dress! I am so happy for her, and the dress is beautiful! She had one of those "when you know, you know" moments, and you could just tell how happy she was to have found it! The bridesmaids and myself also found our dresses, which are plum colored, one shoulder dresses (adorable!) 

what they put on every brides dressing room door :)

 After finding dresses, we went to eat at Buca di Beppo and I ate more than enough for a small family..yet I couldn't stop because it was delicious! I want to go back so bad right now! (show picture of food). I also tried calamari, which is crazy considering I don't eat any seafood at all, and I won't eat mushrooms. I guess squid is less disgusting to me than mushrooms? (What is wrong with me?! haha) To be honest it was actually good. I didn't eat the baby ones, which are whole and look like fried tarantulas (eeeewwww), but I did try the the ring shaped pieces. TMI for some people? Maybe. But coming from me, who hates seafood, I would do it again. Did I mention that the serving sizes are huge? The pasta I got was a small, which is meant to be shared between two people...Pretty sure it could of fed 4! 

 Take me back for thisssss.

 Huge brownie/ice cream/obesity in a glass dessert. We shared this, clearly!
We also went to the mall so that my sister could get a free engraved key chain with her future last name on it, from Things Remembered. She was so excited! It makes me want to have that special someone who thinks I am worth being with forever...[sappy sad thoughts for a few seconds] but whatever! I am so happy she chose me to be her MOH...and trusting that I could do it even though I am away at college! After all the fun stuff Friday and Saturday, on Sunday I drove to my dads to visit him, my little brother, and stepmomma. Then I had to drive back to college-wahhhh. End of my weekend :)

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kelsey
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