Possible Issues with my Blog?

Hello everyone! So I just wanted to ask if anyone has noticed any problems lately with my blog. I have been keeping an eye on my statistics, comments, views, etc. I have noticed this past week a lot of inconsistencies and it is making me think maybe I am having an issue I am not aware of. Do you notice anything not working correctly? Does my comments box work? Any feedback would be great! Also, have you been having any issues with your blog lately?


For My Dry Skin Ladies...

Oh helllllo blog world! I wanted to let some of you out there with slightly oily to dry skin know about a tinted moisturizer that would be great for summer wear! It is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. First- I will give you a back story on this: I wanted to try the oil-free version for the longest time! So I finally got a sample of it as well as the oil free primer. As much as I loveeeee my LM Foundation Powder I previously posted about, I did not love this stuff on me : ( I have very oily skin, and these two just made it worse! However, it led me to the conclusion that it is EXTREMELY moisturizing. This is the oil-free type, so I can only imagine how moisturizing the normal one is! Basically, after my trial with it, I just wanted to let you girls know that Laura Mercier is an awesome brand, and if you are searching for a summer makeup that will give you moderate coverage (& SPF!) then I really think you should look into either the original, or oil-free tinted moisturizer! I know this is a bit all over the place (sorry!) but I am just excited to get this up for you as soon as possible : ) I will link Sephora's website to the original and oil-free version for reviews so you can get more opinions on it.

Original version:

Oil-Free version:

Original Primer:

Oil-Free Primer:

NYX on HauteLook=Bargains!

Hey everyone, just wanted to put up a quick post for anyone that may be interested in NYX prducta, they are currently on sale on HauteLook right now! If you want some really good deals check it out! If interested, you can click the link below I have (which will give me a $10 credit for referring a customer if any products are purchased), or go directly to the HauteLook site & sign up (if you would not like to use my direct link!) 


Let me know if you find any great deals! : )

I Must Love Floral.. Another OOTD : )

I wanted to share a recent outfit I wore this past weekend... I wore it to my university's carnival, which is one of the biggest school sponsored events we have. I know I just posted an outfit, but I have these photos all ready to go, and until this crazy exam schedule gets settled down, I will be doing less detailed posts (I'm sorrrrrrrry!). This post is pretty picture heavy, but since my friend took the time to take these for me, I did not want them all to go to waste! What I wore: 

Floral dress from Hollister, belt from Forever 21. Awkward pose-courtesy of my friend taking my outfit picture for the first time! : )
My friend Allison that took these really wanted me to take one like this-here it is for you Allison!

 We didn't get a full shot with the shoes. So here they are! The sandals are from Pacsun, necklace is from Forever 21 of course!

& lastly, a picture from yours truly... let's just dedicate this smile to all of the lovely comments I get from you all : )

Thank you for reading; & thanks to Allison for the pictures!

Dupes? Send Requests My Way!

I wanted to do a post in the near future about dupes-which if you are unfamiliar with this makeup term, it means "duplicate". Send me ideas about products that may be higher end, too pricey, or hard to get your hands on, and I will do my best to compose a list of dupes (alternatives) that are similar to or almost replicates of the product you are curious about! This way, you can have the products for yourself if there was something holding you back from owning them! Just leave me them in the comments, or email them to me at kelseylenay@hotmail.com
Have a great day : )

Sheer Floral Outfit & a Puppy!

I wanted to get this post up sooner than this (about a week sooner-oops!) But I did some other posts first, so here it is now: )  I went over to my boyfriends friends house last weekend, and this is what I wore:
White shorts from JcPenny, braided belt and sheer floral tank from Forever 21, peach bandeau from American Eagle.
Sadly, I did not get a picture of the shoes as they are a bit torn up... they weren't anything special really, just a pair of sandals similar to this:
Mine are white strapped though! This particular pair is from Forever 21.

A shot up close.

These were taken courtesy of my boyfriend Eric.
Now on to something adorable! The last time I visited home, I took a picture of my sister's son, Kierce, with their new puppy:
So cute! I ask for a "real" smile and this is what he gives!

I just thought I would add that in here, because I have no idea where else I would put this picture haha. But I wanted to share : )

Have you tried wearing bandeau tops? If so, what is your favorite way to style them?

My First Link Up!

I stumbled across this link up, and figured, why not do it?! It is my first one, and the concept is ver simple! Get your camera and have a mini photo shoot-with just yourself! Very easy, and once you pick your portrait you are ready to post! This is the linkup for "Self portrait Saturday". It is hosted by Dana at thewonderforest. If you want to link up also, head on over to Dana's page : ) Here is my portrait:
Don't mind the different odd coloring in my hair-seems like my camera and the lighting have been making my hair seem red some days and not others, even though it is not!

Link up if you find this fun! Have you ever done a link up before?


DIY: Make Your Own Pore "Strips"

Hello Everyone! Finally some time for blogging after this busy week! I just wanted to share with you a recipe for making your own pore cleaning "strips". A really popular drugstore brand of pore strips is "Biore". However they can get a bit pricey, around $8-$10 depending on where you go (and I have saw some boxes with 6, 10, 14 strips inside- I guess it just depends which type from the brand you choose!), and if you use them often, that can add up. Here is my homemade take on the pore strips for removing blackheads!

 You will need: Unflavored gelatin
I have always used this brand, works well and is about $1.25 for 4 envelopes.

You will also need milk, a microwave safe container, a microwave, and a q-tip!

First, get a tablespoon of the gelatin and put it into the cup. Next, add a tablespoon of milk. Stir! It should be a grainy, thick consistency. Place it in the microwave (after you remove your stirring utensil  spoon of course). Microwave for ten seconds. Stir again, and within about 30 seconds of removal from microwave, you should place it on your skin. If you wait too long, it will get tacky and you can't do anything with it! Like I was saying, you want to place it on the areas where you have blackheads. Do so with a Q-tip : )  Let it harden on your face for about 10-15 minutes, and then PEEL! Do it slowly though, I feel it is more effective that way!

I don't suggest putting it all over your face at once, but hey, if you would like to! However I usually place mine on my nose and chin. -Wherever your problem areas are : )

I feel this is a really inexpensive way to remove blackheads... but with every rose, there is usually a thorn [booo : (    ] This mixture smells TERRIBLE! I usually just deal with it, but those who can not stomach it should use a drop of some sort of essential oil or vanilla extract.

** I did not come up with this myself! I believe a year or more ago I came across a Youtube video about it, with Michelle Phan demonstrating it!

I hope you ladies enjoy this! Let me know if you try it!


"theBalm" On HauteLook Now!

 On a website called HauteLook with the description "Shop new sale events daily featuring your favorite brands for women, beauty, home, kids, and men at up to 75% off." there is currently the  makeup brand theBalm! Booty Parlor is another beauty brand being featured right now, and the prices are ammmmmmazing! Seriously thinking about buying theBalm "Nude'Tude Eyeshadow Palette". 12 eyeshadows for $18 (good quality eyeshadow at that!). The original price on it is $36...so I am not sure I can pass this up! They have many other brands besides what I have mentioned, in different categories. Clothing is featured on the site as well. If interested, you can click the link below I have (which will give me a $10 credit for referring a customer), or go directly to the HauteLook site & sign up (if you would not like to use my direct link!)


So what do you think? Will you be purchasing anything?


My April Faves

Well… I know it is a little far into May already, but I wanted to post about some of the things I was loving in April. Some things are tangible, some aren’t…but hey : )

1)   Laura Mercier Powder Foundation- I am in love! Boyfriend...watch out ; )
2)   Beyond the Zone Rock on Dry Shampoo- Let me just say this stuff is actually a good dry shampoo… most other brands I have tried either make my hair look even more gross, or leave a white residue that you can’t get out! With this, sometimes there is a white/grey residue, but it goes away! Really refreshes hair.
3)   Shorts! Like these - I bought a pair from my university bookstore; Nike brand with my university’s name on them. I love them sooo much, comfortable, cute, overall just amazing!  So when I was home recently, I stopped at JcPenny and saw the same style, for $10! TEN dollars! The ones I bought from my bookstore were $30! Needless to say, I will definitely be going back to buy mooooore from JcPenny.  
 $10 for these? Uh YES!

4)   Tea with creamer… I already did a post about this; so yummy!
5)   SUNSHINE! It is so nice to just sit outside, and if I must, study!
6)   Nail polish (in general)
7)   Wearing bright colors! Anyone else with me on this? I love the trend- brights go with brights!
 When I was at JcPenny I also saw this shirt-I took a picture to ask my boyfriend if it the shirt showed too much skin, but he did not reply fast enough so I did not buy it! What do you think? Should I have bought it? 

8)   The feeling after turning in an exam. Knowing you can breath again, at least for a few minutes.

9)   My self-tanner. I love My FakeBake Flawless Self Tanner… I really do not want any extra aging if I can avoid it… so no tanning beds for me!
10) Last but not least- my boyfriend.  He is clearly a favorite every month, every day… but I just wanted to include him on here because I LUBBB HIM LOTTTTS ; )
 Okay... maybe the feeling is not mutual?

 That is better : )

Any favorites for you from April? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Weekend!


Makeup for My Prom Girls

This past weekend I went to my hometown to do two girls makeup for prom. It was a lot of fun, but stressful once the time started ticking away; one of the girls that I did showed up a bit later than we had expected, so I had less time. I literally felt like I was going to pass out because I wanted their makeup perfect for their big night! Luckily, everything turned out fine. Since we were crunched on time, I did not get any pictures of the girls when I was done, but I did manage to snap a picture while in the process, and I snagged a few from their Facebook's! I wish the lighting was better, but here they are : )

 Allison & Ashley! Looooove their dresses!

 & again...

 During the process : ) Allison. Had only done foundation, blush, bronzer, and some of the eyeshadow.

Only some of the after math! There was so much more makeup but the shadow from the picture just did not let it turn out in a very "viewable" way haha.

Ashley, in the silver and black dress, wanted a look like this:
Was seriously SO simple. Loved the look so much that I toned it down a bit and wore it myself for the night! It turned out just like this, except we did a more silver color in the corner of her eye.

For Allison, she wanted a grey or smokey look she said, with a red lip. So I looked around and found this look, and it was exactly what she wanted!
 I was so excited when I started looking close at the colors... I had the exact colors to pull this off!

The girls looked gorgeous, with & without my help. It was their last prom, and I am happy to have been a part of it. Hope you all enjoy!


Bright Shorts Please : )

I wanted to get this post up tonight, since I will be busy with exams the next few days! A few days ago, I wore these blue shorts from American Eagle. I adore them so much! I believe I bought them on sale for $24.99 about a month ago. I did not have anyone around to take a picture for me, so this is what I have to show :
Who needs to see my face anyways! It is all about the shorts girls : )

I decided to just wear a plain white v-neck (Forever 21) with the shorts, and a long necklace from Forever 21. It is adorable; I will have to feature it in another outfit soon, but up close! I wore boring, black flip flops from Old Navy. Yesterday, I wore a shirt that I really was on the fence about. I bought it at JCPenny last weekend, and decided to wear it. The pictures I took did not turn out how I wanted them to, so this is all I have to show:

 I wore this with jean shorts!

 The shirt is so bright!

A little bit of sunshine anyone?

Let me know what you think about the shirt. I am still not sure if I like it on me. Thanks for reading!

A Never Ending Supply of Makeup

 Not my makeup!

Do you ever look at your makeup collection and get overwhelmed? As I am about to go to sleep, I started thinking of how I will get ready for my day tomorrow...all was going well until I remembered how much makeup I have. "Will I ever get through all these eyeshadows? Lipsticks, foundations, or blushes?" I mean to some, it may seem silly to get overwhelmed... but I think my feeling comes from not knowing if I will ever get use of every last bit of product I purchased. That is what gets me! The amount of money I have put toward my collection. I want to make proper use of it all, but I only have so much face to put product on (haha). Some days I wear little or no makeup, to give my skin a break; prolonging the use of my products. Plus, with new things coming out all of the time, there is always that nagging feeling of wanting to add something new or exciting to your collection. & lastly, a lot of the time, I end up not liking a product. Now what? Use it and "suffer" through it? Or try to give it away/let it sit untouched? So many different reasons why or why I would not get use of my full collection! I know this is the biggest rambled jumble of a post, but I just wanted others thoughts. Do you ever feel like you'll never finish all your products? What are you tricks to using up products you don't particularly like? Oh, and do you get what I am saying or am I just sleepy & blogging? Uh-oh : )



It's Saturday night (well actually 1:23 AM.... so Sunday morning!), and I figured I would do a little post from my own pinterest. Maybe if you like some of the things I pin, you can go check out my pinterest! (The link is on the right side of my blog).

 How adorable is this?

 Such a pretty, natural look!

 SO true!
Love this, want it all!

 If only I had the patience to do this...

 WANT. Future wedding idea? So amazing.

Love the open back, and the color. Perfect!

If you like any of these, check out my pinterest! 


Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Tiffany from Happily Everandom for nominating me for this award. You are so sweet to have mentioned me twice in your blog! I was confused at first about how this works, but apparently the “nominees” are actual winners that receive the award! I don’t have many followers yet, so it is hard to decide whom to nominate, seeing as many of those that I follow are veterans on here, so they aren’t newbies like me! If I nominated you and you aren’t relatively new to this, then I am sorry, just take it as a compliment that I really enjoy your blog instead : ) 
    1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
    2. Let them know you have nominated them.
    3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
    4. Thank the bloggers you who have nominated you.
    5. Add the Versatile Blogger Picture to your blog.

 -The 15 fellow (relatively new/relatively reallyawesomeIdon'thavemanyfollowers sothisishardformetodothispart bloggers ;) 
1) Stephanie at Stephoosh 
2) Anel at Blush Tree 
3) Kristen at Ari's Mommy 
4) _Oasis_ 
6) Emily at Emily's Makeup Review
7) Caroline at GIRLY GIRL VS. WORLD 
8) Talia at Glam it Up! 
The not so newbies...Oops running out of followers:)  
9) Kristine at Fashion Addict 
10) Khushbu at lipstickonmycaffelatte.com 
11) Emily at Describing Beauty  
15) Carrie at Fashioneda

**I'm sad that I can't link more "new" bloggers! Since I am so new myself it is hard to get other bloggers out there too! Hopefully my blog will continue to grow!
-7 Random Facts:
1)   I am one of five children.
2)   I love chocolate. Basically any kind, especially dark chocolate!
3)   I have been cleared medically for having a heart condition called “Atrial Septal Defect” twice. It either had come back or it never really went away the first time I was cleared!
4)   From a distance, my eyes seem to be hazel. If you get really close though, you can tell that they are actually mostly green with a thin line of light brown.
5)   I want to be a neonatal nurse.
6)   I LOVE NEWBORNS/BABIES!  Children have my heart, obviously:)
7)   I know used to know all the words to the movie “Thirteen”.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, and thank you again to Tiffany for my nomination!

TAG: Get to Know Me.

I was tagged by Tiffany at Happily Everandom to do this, so here it goes : )

1. What is your favorite beauty product that you have?

My Laura Mercier Powder Foundation!

2. What was the hardest product to get your hands on?

Fakebake Flawless Self Tanner!

3. What are your favorite clothing brands?

Forever 21, American Eagle, and Express!

4. What is the one product that you won't go out without?

Concealer...under eye circles run in my family BIG time!

5. Are you a nail polish junkie and what is your favorite shade right now?

I am not a junkie…yet. Lately I have become way more into nail polish. My favorite right now is “Lacey Lilac” by Sally Hanson.

6. What best describes your makeup looks most?

Natural & neutral.

7. What's your best beauty tip that worked for you?
Using real mayonnaise on hair as a mask. So moisturizing. Yes it smells bad, but the results are so worth it! Add a few drops of essential oils to make it smell better!

8. Are you a drugstore or high-end person?

I have no problem with drugstore brands. Butttttt I think for things like foundation I usually prefer a higher end brand, because it is going all over my face. For everything else I am happy with the drugstore, but I do purchase high-end as well.

9. What is the one drugstore product that you think tops high end?

Revlon lip butters-really pigmented, moisturizing, and affordable. Better than most high end lipsticks!

10. What's your favorite food?

Feta cheese…gross right? Don’t judge it sooooo good!

11. What's your favorite hairstyle right now?

I do not like putting a lot of heat on my hair…so waves created by having my hair in two buns!

I tag:

& any one else who would enjoy doing this : )